Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy

A root canal therapy is a rejuvenating solution for teeth that have been damaged from the inside. Most patients would consider having their teeth extracted as they believe this would help fight off further infection. But the truth is, an extraction may lead to several other procedures, whereas, a root canal therapy will not. It will help save the teeth. And here is how.

When should I opt for a root canal therapy?

A root canal therapy is a cost-effective solution for the damaged teeth. Extracting teeth would cause more pain and procedures when compared to a root canal therapy. Here are some of the situations when you must consider a root canal therapy:

  • When the severity of the damage has resulted in pulp infection.
  • When the patient starts to notice signs of pimples on the gums of the teeth.
  • Signs of a severe toothache.
  • Extreme sensitivity to warm and cold food.
  • Noticing signs of swollen gums and tissues.

What does a root canal therapy involve?

A root canal therapy is a therapeutic solution to recover from damage caused to the teeth due to the prolonged accumulation of cavities in the teeth. With time, the cavities would have damaged the nerves and pulp inside the teeth. A root canal therapy can help to remove this infection by replacing the damaged elements inside the teeth with healing dental medication. This involves removing the damaged pulp and nerves. 

What is the procedure of a root canal therapy?

A root canal therapy will involve two sitting at the dentist’s office:

  • Before any procedure is done, our professionals will ensure that the patient is administered with sedatives and anesthesia so that they are comfortable.
  • After administering sedatives, an absorbent will be placed around the teeth that are to undergo the therapy. This will ensure to block saliva from reaching the teeth during the procedure.
  • A small entry will be made on the top of the teeth to access and remove the pulp, nerves, bacteria, and cavities from inside.
  • After cleaning the inside of the teeth, it will be enclosed and sealed with a temporary filling.
  • The patient will have to undergo a second sitting. During this procedure, the roots of the teeth will be filled with medicines that will help rejuvenate the functionalities of the teeth.
  • In order to add a protective covering on the teeth, the entry will be covered with a protective filling. Later, a crown will be placed over it for additional protection.

Our skilled professionals will guide patients will proper instructions on how to take care of the teeth after the therapy. Root canal therapy is an excellent choice for retaining and saving the teeth without opting for extractions.


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