Testimonials About Our Belmont Dentist, Dr. Medefesser

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Belmont, California. Read what our patients are saying about us below.

Dr. Medefesser deserves 5 Stars all the way.
He's very personable and really cares about his patients. He takes the time to make sure you understand and that you are always comfortable. A couple of years ago he filled two
teeth and did a great job. Now I have insurance and unfortunately he's not part of that group so I went to another dentist who basically said that half of my teeth need work. I called Dr. Medefesser and he saw me without charge, went over the treatment plan and told me that I needed to do just about 1/4 of the work that they recommended. I will wait until I can change insurance again and have my work done here. I can't tell you how much better I feel knowing I have him in my corner.

- Lynn K.

Going in, I had low expectations because I had a Groupon, but he was very thorough and spent a lot of time on the exam and cleaning.
Honest - I thought I had a cavity but he told me it was only a stain. Also told me I didn't need a deep cleaning yet, which I thought I might. So refreshing to have an honest dentist who told me I didn't need anything done!
Dentist did the cleaning himself.
Made some really good recommendations for home care that I wish I had been told long ago - Use a WaterPik water flosser, etc.
Very pleasant dentist and receptionist. Appointment started right on time. Received a reminder call the day before.
Great location right off the 101 with easy parking.
They have great prices on cleanings and uninsured discounts.
Only suggestion is that they put some art on the walls.
Recommended him to some friends who work down the street at Oracle.

- Heart T.

Can't express how thankful I'm to Dr. Medefesser for providing high quality service and for his desire to go extra mile to save my time and money.
I came to Bayside Dental, because needed crown replacement. The old crown was in a bad condition and there was big possibility for me to end up with a bridge instead o new crown, which would be more expensive. But just because Dr. Medefesser efforts I've got a new crown which feels and looks much better than a previous one.
I would describe Dr. Medefesser as a person who is really focused on his work, gives detailed explanation of nearly every step he does and provides he's patients with valuable recommendations.

- Denis S.

I've never been a big fan of the dentist but Dr. Medefesser changed that for me. I must admit I was interested in his office because of his 50% non insured discount. He takes his time to talk to you and explain everything. Even my 4 year old likes the "teeth Dr." His office staff is very welcoming and they all make you feel at ease no matter how nervous you are. The Dr. is very conservative and I didn't feel like I was getting ripped off. I was amazed at the prices the office lady presented! After speaking with him and his office manger regarding my treatment plan, I knew this the place for me.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Medefesser. How many 4 year olds do you know that love the teeth Dr?

- Jess G.

I was at work a few hours ago and in excruciating pain from a pesky molar.
A co-worker recommended that I go and see Dr. Medefesser.
He even gave him a call for me to see if he was available.
He said he was getting ready to head out, (it was 7, they close at 5) and Dr. Medefesser said he would wait for me.
I sped over there and was welcomed into the office by the Doc himself.
The office is very nice.
Nice lighting, warm colors, pretty decor.
No one goes to the dentist because of the interior decorating.
People go to the dentist for one of two reasons: 1) routine checkup, or 2) they're in pain.
Unfortunately for me, my situation was the latter.
As luck would have it, because I had waited so long to be seen, my problem was too far gone.
My molar had to be extracted.
Now, I am not new to this.
I have had teeth extracted before, twice before to be precise.
Hands down, this time was the fastest, least expensive, and all accompanied by virtually no pain!
How does he do it?!?!
Despite the circumstances, the visit was relatively pleasant.
So now, I sit here at home, watching Old School with gauze in my mouth, and I am writing to you fine people of Yelp to inform you of my experience.

It's hard to find a good dentist, but a good dentist is definitely great to find.

- Jessica R.

Amazing, efficient, and effective dentistry at its best! Professional yet comfortable environment to take care of one of lifes most important necessities. Going to the dentist has never been one of the funnest things to do, yet Dr. Randall Medefesser somehow makes it an enjoyable experience. You will be greeted by a friendly, competent staff that makes your visit a pleasant one from start to finish. From small children to adults you can't go wrong with this office!

- Stephanie R.

I have been through several dentists in the past few years but will stick with Dr. Randall. He is very nice. I'm a chicken when it comes to pain, and he's very cognizant of my anxiety, which makes me more at ease. His appointment schedule is flexible, which works great with our busy schedules. He is also great with kids. My three year old daughter actually gets excited about going to the dentist. She's been twice now and has loved it (no joke). The offices are also attractive. My search for a dentist is over.

- Kimberly C.

I have never had good experiences with Dentists. So I am one of those people that say " I hate Dentists" .,..That all has now changed. Dr Medefesser was amazing. I have a mouthful of issues and he not only addressed the most painful one first but we set up a plan to fix all of the other issues. I felt NO pain and not only was his office clean, nicely decorated and welcoming He was professional and kind. I would highly recommend Dr Medefesser at Bayside Dental. He is the BEST

- Annetta S.